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Kiwiana (inked)

kiwiana's fic, art and podfic journal

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Even the most outlandish of fictional creations
must have an element of truth anchoring them to reality;
otherwise, from whence would our imaginations form?
--Fictional Reality

Welcome to the fanworks journal of kiwiana. I am primarily a fanfiction writer (although the odd original fiction will sneak in sometimes) but I also make podfics, fanmixes, and I dabble in graphics occasionally. If you're looking for my poetry, it's all housed here at AllPoetry.

Anything goes in this journal - I love many different genres, fandoms and pairings. Please feel free to have a look through my work, and watch the comm if you want to get updates!

warnings policy
In lieu of a specific 'warnings' section in my headers, there is a 'content notes' section. This contains anything that could be considered triggering or squicky within the fic as well as other contents that readers may want to be aware of before they start reading - enticements, sexual kinks, divergences from canon, etc. Basically, it's the elements of the story that will either pique your interest or drive you away. If I feel that the notes are spoilery to the story, they will be spoiler-tagged (highlight to read) but they will always be there. If you feel I have failed to warn or prepare you for something within one of my works, please either leave a comment or send me a PM to let me know as I am very strongly against triggering or making people uncomfortable if it is within my power to avoid it.

Unless stated otherwise, none of the characters or situations in this journal belong to me; they're all owned by those with much more talent and money than myself.
Real people are treated as characters in my writing - I don't pretend to know anything about any of them.
I don't make any profit off any of these stories beyond a sense of satisfaction, which unfortunately doesn't pay my bills.
Please take my ratings seriously, and do not read NC-17 rated pieces if you are below the legal age in your country of residence. This is to protect both me and you.


If you want to affiliate, feel free to PM me :)

personal journal

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